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Which Direction Should I Travel the Trail?

Biking the Empire State Trail is only one part of the trip. Figuring out how to get back to New York City from the Canadian border is a feat in itself. Traveling to the starting point and from the ending point can be compounded by the difficulties of traveling with a bike. This section will discuss reasons to start or finish in each direction.

Starting in New York City is easier because it's easy to get to and everything you need will be there. There are three main airports to fly into: Newark, JFK, and La Guardia. You can also take the train into Penn Station or Grand Central. Once in New York City, you can take the 1,2,3,4,5,J, N,R, or W subway lines to get to Battery Park.

You can get to NYC from anywhere in the world, and there are countless hotels, restaurants, and attractions in the city. Additionally, there are more bike stores in New York City, so you can travel into New York without a bike and make arrangements for when you arrive. The downside of starting from New York City is that parking can be prohibitively expensive. If you do choose to drive in, consider checking out SpotHero for better deals on parking. Alternatively, park outside of the city and take public transport in.

Choosing to start from the Canadian Border is more difficult because it's harder to get there. Additionally, there are less options to pick up a bike when you get there.

There are three airports in the area. You can fly into Montreal, which has the most flights into. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this likely won't be an option due to prohibitive rules on entering Canada. Plattsburgh airport has very few flights into it, but is the closest airport. Burlington Airport in Vermont has more flights, but is a little further and you'll likely need a stopover anyway.

From Plattsburgh, you can take the bus or the train to the Canadian Border. Please ensure that Covid-19 has not interfered with scheduling. You can also rent a car.

Parking in Rouses Point probably won't be an issue, and you'll save a ton of money over parking in New York City. Additionally, if you want to hang out in the area a bit, the area is beautiful and is a popular vacation spot.

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Probably the most difficult part of the trip, logistically speaking, is getting back from the endpoint to the starting point. As of now, there is no shuttle service, but that might change as the trail