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Where to Stay in Pawling

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Trail at Ice Pond. Credit: Hudson River Valley Greenway

Pawling, east of about the 80 mile marker, hosts a unique and highly rated place to stay, Station Inn Pawling. http://www.booking.com/Share-M6a9y3N Unfortunately, it is about 4-5 miles off the trail and therefore will not be for many bikers. However, if you're looking to find hidden gems scattered around New York State, especially in a scenario where Le Chambord at Curry Estate in Stormville is not an option, you can jump at staying at Station Inn Pawling.

Station Inn Pawling is a boutique 10-room inn in the small town of Pawling, New York.

Founded in 2017, Station Inn is owned by award-winning architect and Pawling resident Bill McGuinness along with the lawyer and teacher couple Dave and Susan Daniels, who grew up in Pawling. Station Inn is a 2 minute walk from the Metro North - Harlem Line train station.

Pawling is accessible from the trail from two spots. We have not confirmed that there is an exit from the trail at the earlier exit point, on Beaver Brook Road. Additionally, the directions are not as straightforward. Lastly, the trip is nearly 5 miles, compared to the second option of just over 4 miles.

The second and preferred exit point is about 2 miles north, right near where Route 292 ends and meets Old Route 55. The 4 mile trip is almost entirely on Old Route 55 and is fairly simple.

While you may not want to stray so far from the trail, the idyllic town of Pawling and Station Inn is hard to pass up.

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