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Hudson Cliffs State Park

New York State has been stepping up its game in expanding its parks and outdoor spaces, and Hudson Cliffs State Park is a perfect example. This future state park is currently known as Quarry Waters Park and was acquired by Scenic Hudson from a developer. The state eventually agreed to buy the property and transform this 520-acre gem into a state park.

What does this have to do with the Empire State Trail? Leaving downtown Kingston and traveling North, the trail passes Kingston Point Rotary Park and Kingston Point Beach. At Hutton Brickyards, the trail enters the park and begins a 1.3 mile bike ride near the riverfront. It is a beautiful area and an enormous victory for the Empire State Trail.

What was in Hudson Cliffs State Park before it was a State Park? This piece of land has quite a remarkable history and character. It had a cement factory, a brick factory, and was most recently had plans to be converted into the Hudson Promenade. There are many hidden treasures in this property, and as of February 2021, Scenic Hudson is drawing up plans on a diverse set of uses. They also need to decide if parts of the unique property, such as the tunnels and quarries, are safe enough to allow visitors, or to block off significant portions due to hazardous conditions. However, one thing is certain. With the dramatic cliffs, majestic shoreline, and swampy marshlands, Hudson River State Park is a win for all New Yorkers.

Source: Scenic Hudson

What is plans for Hutton Brickyards? At the south entrance to the park is Hutton Brickyards, a 73-acre waterfront land that will house a restaurant, event space, hotel and spa. Weddings, event retreats, and concerts will continue to be held on this picturesque spot with amazing views of the Hudson.

Where can I stay in Hutton Brickyards? Salt Hotels, a Massachusetts-based group behind the highly lauded Asbury in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and Eben House and Salt House Inn in Cape Cod has plans to open a hotel this spring. They have made a name for themselves in the independent hotels scene, gathering praise from Travel and Leisure and USA Today, and are certainly expecting to do the same in Kingston.

The hotel will feature 31 cabins and suites and will boast splendid water views. The rustic and luxurious accommodations will be paired with an unbeatable location for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, glass-walled spa will allow guests to soak in views of the Hudson, unwinding and exhaling the stress while breathing in the serenity of this one-of-a-kind location.

Why are we so excited about this? The Empire State Trail is a huge victory for New Yorkers who seek to explore the outdoors. Hudson Cliffs State Park will be a vital outdoor space for residents of Kingston and Ulster, and will also bring in others to boost the cities. For outdoor enthusiasts who don't like to compromise on luxury, the new hotel, spa, and restaurant, along with the future state park, is a dream come true.

Do you want to hear more about this future state park? Check out this incredible interview with Andy Beers, Director of the Empire State Trail, and Steve Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Scenic Hudson, on Radio Kingston, hosted by Jon Bowermaster at https://radiokingston.org/en/broadcast/green-radio-hour-w-jon-bowermaster/episodes/hudson-cliffs-sinfonia-antarctica